From Founder Director’s Desk

Institution’s role in changing times towards creating a new dynamic society

The J.D.C. Bytco Institute of Management Studies and Research, first of its type in India (Est. 1968) has completed 50 years of establishment and is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. The Institute is approved by AICTE and offers full time MBA course since long. Every member of Bytco family is looking forward to creating “transformational leadership” through its MBA programme, through innovation, integration and internationalizing the standards of excellence. The facilities of education, training and research provided and the new vision of e-learning facilities, e-executive MBA programme and digitalization of library and trans- disciplinary courses in this coming decade along with its autonomous status will enable this pioneering Institute to play that very dynamic role, which is the need of changing times.

About 3000 MBAs and equal number of other management graduates produced by this Institute so far (1969 to 2018) which itself is a record for any NGO in India, is a matter of great pride; and more so because most of these MBAs have become reputed entrepreneurs of great national and international status or star leaders, in their own chosen field, who are shaping “The world of today and tomorrow”.

With our efforts of last fifty years, through this education movement, academics and industry have been meaningfully brought on one platform; the qualities that the individual acquires through our management education and training in this campus, which has learning environment, which needs to be institutionalized, so as to have at National Level a “New Dynamic Society” which has to be tension free, adhyatmic, creative and performance oriented. I am happy that this year that the Institute looks forward to its “ New Role” through ISO 9001:2015, with accreditation and through autonomous status. We all have to create a “New Better world “through higher education, particularly “Management Education” with emphasis on “Indianisation”. In this endeavor, I am sure every trainee during his stay here will acquire vision and values, synergy and sensitivity, perspective and perseverance as well as creativity and confidence to make our “Modern India” a “Superior Economy” before the end of this decade. I wish all the trainees good luck and wish the Institution all the success.

Sir Dr. M.S. Gosavi,
Founder Director, JDC Bytco IMSR and
Secretary, Gokhale Education Society