Set in premises of 2000 sq. feet, with 12000 books, 25 periodicals, 12 dailies, management videos and CD-ROMs covering a whole spectrum of management topics, with a constant stream of information trickling in through periodicals, journals, a data bank set up by the students of the Institute, annual reports of various companies etc. all go a long way in ensuring that as far as management awareness is concerned, not a drop is spared.

The Computer Center

With the advent of the E-Business era, it is simply not feasible to visualise an effective manager, without the knowledge of operating and exploiting, the functionality of Information Technology. With this vision in mind our Institute has made available to the students a computer lab with 60 terminals which are on a dedicated Local Area Network (LAN). All of these operate on a Windows Platform, stimulating the look and feel of the information resources available in Corporate India. Other platforms like DOS, UNIX and LINUX have also been made available to the students to gear them up for all information environments. Softwares like the MS Office, Oracle 9, Tally 7.2, C, C++, Java, VB and Developer 2000 are used extensively to complete the training experience.

Seminar Hall

As seminars are essential embodiments of the MBA curriculum, the institute has taken adequate steps to meet the requirements by housing two impressive Seminar Halls, each having a capacity of 250 delegates. The halls are well equipped with modern audio visual aids.

Internet Facility

JDC Bytco I.M.S.R. is one of the first institutions in Nashik, to have a broadband account. This not only enables the students to have online access to the latest management concepts, but also to case studies of reputed universities like Harvard and Stanford.

Recruitment Blocks

In order to ensure that the campus interviews are conducted in a suitable environment, the institute has paid special attention to develop a recruitment block, which caters to the need of the recruiters. The recruitment block has one GD room and two Interview rooms, which provide the ambience of modern conferencing.

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